Lexo and the leapers - ask them - Crickets: The Best of the Fading Captain Series 1999 - 2007

Still, prolific as he was, no one should be treated as a human jukebox. One of the small, unexpectedly rewarding pleasures of the Fading Captain series was hearing Pollard try to fit himself into new contexts. Free of the sifting necessary on the albums, many of those tracks shine here, like the surprisingly chipper "Soldiers of June" snatched from the more keyboard-based and often creepy ambiance of the Circus Devils, or breezier, gentle songs like The Takeovers' "Island of Lost Lucys" or Pollard's "Zoom (It Happens All Over the World)", recorded with Doug Gillard mere months after GbV played their final show. Moreover, each disc ends with three heretofore unreleased songs, but aside from naming one of them "I'm Gonna Miss My Horse", none of them are very memorable. To be completely fair (maybe fairer than much of this material deserves), a back-to-back parade of hits would be misrepresenting what Fading Captain was all about.

Lexo And The Leapers - Ask ThemLexo And The Leapers - Ask ThemLexo And The Leapers - Ask ThemLexo And The Leapers - Ask Them