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While Payton stays behind to attempt to access the ship's computer, Bower ventures into the seemingly abandoned ship using the ventilation system with the intention of stabilising the reactor. He begins to suffer from "Orbital Dysfunction Syndrome," a severe psychotic illness known to affect deep-space travelers, commonly called "Pandorum." Pandorum led to the failure of a previous mission, as the captain of the starship called Eden became so afflicted with Pandorum that he became convinced that the flight was cursed and ejected all 5,000 passengers into deep space to their deaths.

Mine! is a comics anthology with the proceeds going to Planned Parenthood. Join Eisner, Harvey, Oscar, and Emmy award winning creators for stories about trailblazing women, civil rights leaders, a person's first time going to a PP clinic, debunking myths about sex, STI screenings, HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention, fantastical stories with superheroes, Greek mythology, and a future both with and without Planned Parenthood.

Orbital - Lush 3Orbital - Lush 3Orbital - Lush 3Orbital - Lush 3